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Are you wondering what could be the best choice for you between a tablet and a laptop?  You are at the right place to solve your worries. This article contains a thorough overview that might be of great help to you. We will compare the capabilities of tablets and laptops this will help you to choose the best device that suits your needs. Before that let’s have a brief over of tablets and Laptops. If you want to buy a laptop or tablet in Norway, you should visit to know what Norwegians are saying about company that sell laptops such as Steelseries to know which companies are reputable as well as the type of laptop to buy.


When it comes to casual activities such as surfing the web, playing mobile games, or watching videos, tablets are more portable. In terms of productivity, a laptop is the best option for the game. Also, laptops are a good substitute for desktops when it comes to PC gaming.

Let’s get started

Reasonable comparison between a tablet and laptop is as follows

  1.   Portability
  2.   Display
  3.   Storage
  4.   Performance
  5.   Battery life
  6.   Price


When it comes to portability, tablets have the upper hand.  Size-wise, tablets range from 7 to 13 inches, this doesn’t include some larger tablet devices geared towards professional users.  More often, the screen of tablets ranges from 8 inches and 10 inches and they manage to strike the perfect balance between screen size and ergonomics. The smallest and lightest tablets weigh around 300 grounds ( 10 oz). larger tablets weigh about 700 grams (about 1.5 Ib)

While laptop screens cover a wider range. They can be as low as 12 inches and as high as 21 inches. Most mainstream laptops stay in the 15 to 17 inches range.

When considering portability, tablets are smaller and lighter than laptops.


When it comes to displaying, laptops naturally allow for larger screens because of their larger frames. However, when the resolution is to be considered, the smaller tablet display offers higher pixel density.


When it comes to storage capacity, laptops usually have the upper hand. The cheapest laptops could come with either a 500 GB HDD or a 128 GB SSD, both storage capacities outclass most tablets.


The performance of a device depends mainly on the price point and what the device is also being used for. For lower price ranges, when it comes to performance, tablets tend to be roughly on par with similarly priced laptops.

If you want a device for surfing the web, casual games, or multimedia, a low price tablet will outperform a low price laptop.


When it comes to battery capacity or duration, tablets can endure roughly 8 to 12 hours of active use. Laptop on the other hand tends to be more power-hungry compared to tablets. Laptop batteries can last for 2 to 6 hours depending on what they are being used for.

However, some notebooks and high-end-laptops batteries can last well over 12 hours in some cases.


When it comes to price, tablets start at lower prices than laptops. You can easily see a tablet for as cheap as $50, while the cheapest laptop cost about $150.

Depending on your budget, what you want to use the device for, You can either buy a tablet or a laptop.