Monday, October 18

Day: October 1, 2020

The Death of Gadgets

The Death of Gadgets

One of many guiding definitions of liberation for me is the liberty to choose. I can freely select my thoughts, words, and deeds. Further, the one real point of freedom for any of us is freedom in the present second. AND, our solely actual sphere of affect for selecting in the current moment is the choices we make in thought, word and deed. There we now have freedom. In our ideas, phrases and deeds, we can begin turning towards liberation. 4. Oops! That may't be right! - Many times, writers get so caught up in their story that they overlook sure points of logic. Invoice was so excited to get his character on a aircraft that he had his flight arriving in Australia five hours after it left Peru. Not going to happen! Lisa was so entranced in her romantic reunion scene that she forgot her ess...
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